Interstate Water Relocation Project (IWRP)

The concept is simple, although the project itself is not a simple task.
In simple terms, it is an idea to remove excessive flood waters from the Mississippi and bring it to the drought areas of the West. This map is a simple illustration of the concept.

The basic premise is to have multiple drain off pipes to remove the excessive potentials of flood water and bring them to reserviors, rivers and lakes where needed. Lake powell and Lake Mead are at their lowest levels yet. California is drying up and it is of a major concern because the drought is not just going to go away. It doesn't take a whole lot of brain power to know what is happeneing to our world. Anyone with some age and good memory can see the difference in the last fifty years. Weather patterns have changed and we need to do what we can to adapt since it seems like we are not going to fix the problem.

This is our reality. Click on the pic below to see more examples of Mississippi Flooding.


This has become an extreme emergency for California.

The lack of "real snow" and extended cold temperatures to regulate snow melt in Colorado and Utah have brought Lake Powell and lake Mead to their lowest levels to date.

Below are pictures from space of Lake Mead at the where the Colorado river feed point used to be.
 The arrows are for landmark comparsison points. The second picture was five years ago!

Lake Mead 1985 Lake Mead 2010

Here is another set of the whole lake.


Of Hoover Dam from 1983 and 2014.

 More on Lake Mead.