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So, What is this site?

It's a connection site, to help you connect to other people. Yeah, I know, Facebook, My Space, YouTube are all such sites. But they are focused on the whole country, not just your little bit of the world. We are for your little bit in the world. Our premier location is the Prescott Arizona area, others will be added by request. Sorry, we are not going to list Phoenix area stuff with ours or others areas. Why do you have to bother with ads or stuff that is not in your immediate are? We intend separation so we can focus on the individuals needs.


The way I see it, I don't want to be marketed, and I surely don't want to be marketed from people not in my area. I want to support the local folks, the little guys. Let us build community connections to address issues, or find deals, or just have a good time with each other in small or larger local groups. I would like to make this a site of the people, for the people.


Don't get me wrong, somewhere I need to get something out of it to support the web-site and it's growth. So there will be places where we may ask a fee. Right now I have to thank PDNHost for hosting this site, and Pegasus Satellite for multiple reasons, for which brings this site to you. So of course, you will see advertisements from them on the right column. But we want to bring you local stuff as long as we can.

And of course we have to admit, we're not professionals here. Time is money, professionalism costs money. Our web designer at pdnhost is not your super web jockey. He's learning, and does a variety of different things besides web building.


If this web site becomes popular, we'll make improvements as needed and affordable, such as more automated functioning that you would expect at well funded sites. We are not well funded, doing things on a shoestring budget. Of course in this economy, if you don't understand that, oh well.


We would like to help others that do understand this economy is lousy in hopes we all can survive as best as we can. That is why we are attempting this effort. I believe I can say with all confidence that not only does thank you for your participation, but so do the advertisers here thank you.

Chino Acres is locally owned and operated by a regular Joe just like you. Advertisers are also local people. It's all about us locals.

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We don't do "flash" or "pop-ups" because we find it to annoy people trying to read.
Actually, I hate them myself, and Google-ads. I do not intend to "sell-out" like that.